PS3 Jailbreak Mod-Chips, Softmods and Custom Fimware.

ps3 roms download isoThe First PS3 Modchip PS Jailbreak
What’s so great about the PS Jailbreak? Well, for one thing, it is a totally solderless installation. You don’t need to open up your PS3 console!

Known to be the very first PS3 mod chip, the PS Jailbreak is a small USB tool that will only require you to plug into the PS3 console. Once you have plugged it, you can then unlock the console so that you can run unsigned Homebrew Apps, and at the same time, it will let you perform backups of original games and store it into the hard drive.

The device is firmware upgradable and it works on all PS3 consoles available in the market today. It has the ability to block updates, which will then prevent any future update to interfere with the PS Jailbreak. The markers that it is equipped with can also function as a backup software manager.

As a totally solderless program that will run on any PS3 console, you will not need to open the console every time you install it. This means you don’t need to worry about voiding the warranty once you install it. Moreover, the PS Jailbreak also helps to extend your console’s lifespan because with it, users will no longer need to use discs due to backed up copies already available in the hard drive. You can use tons of applications and you can even port existing PC software so you can use them on your PlayStation 3, once you have installed the PS Jailbreak.

ps3 iso romsNow in 2013 the most important feature for any PS3 softmod and chip is to stay undetected when you play online so that you do not get banned from PSN and so loose all your multiplayer gaming options. Stealth mode PS3 jailbreak and a new development - Custom Firmware will continue its development in 2013 and I can see how it will get to a point where PS3 with CFW will be able to go online without any fear of getting banned!

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